How to study the word of God for deeper meaning

I know right… I get a new blog started and then I miss an entire week of blogging. I got caught up in some life matters that I had to give my attention too last week but I am back now and have my focus on my blog and ministry restored! Yay!!!!

Today I am keeping it simple and want to share about how I seek “The Kingdom of Heaven” and study for answers and revelation.

Many, many, many people walk around the earth with a “lack of knowledge” and ultimately that it what leads them down a variety of roads of destruction, or as the bible says they “perish for a lack of knowledge.” I personally made a commitment to look up every answer that I had a question too in the world “in the bible” and to ask God what he says about it and as a result I have gained the most amazing revelations. I “understand” a lot more based on the knowledge and wisdom of God rather that my “carnal” knowledge and what the world says on the matter. So what is my process, for a lack of better words….

#1 – I seek the Kingdom of Heaven by prayer – I pray in the Spirit and ask God for understanding based on what the Holy Spirit has interceded on my behalf for

#2 – TRUST – you have to trust the Holy Spirit and give your spirit the trust it deserves to hear from the Holy Spirit

#3 – Study – Go to the word of God and then use tools to help you break down the scriptures for their deeper meanings

#4 – Study Materials – This is a major key to deeper understanding of the word of God! I use a Dake’s Reference Bible, A Strongs Concordance, a KJV Bible, and

#5 – Journal – It is important to journal your notes, your “rhema words” from the Spirit of the Lord, your dreams (many of which are given to you by God), and your deeper questions

#6 Be led by the Holy Spirit – It is hard to study the word without being led by the Holy Spirit! There are so many places in the word with our answers that we need and on our own it can be overwhelming to figure out where to go in the 100’s of pages in the bible. They Holy Spirit can lead you to all the places you need to go, just trust Him!

These are typically the 6 things I do when I am studying and seeking God for truths. I want to a little time to expound on number #4 and how I use the study materials…

It is critical that you are led by the spirit to appropriate study materials. This is because you have men out there writing commentaries apart from the holy spirit using their own natural understanding. The problem with this can be that it is a “hit or miss” commentary. In other words, their attempt to break down the bible for others to understand is like them trying to guess at an interpretation of a letter written to them in a foreign language (that they have not learned) without an interpreter. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can help man to understand scripture. He is who you have to depend on. He is the interpreter for all things in the Kingdom of Heaven. He gives a “voice” to the scripture for us to be able to understand. Have you ever read a text message, or an email, and it sounded like the person was upset, or rude, but then when you heard the person say it out loud and you could hear their voice inflection the message was not rude or angry at all! Words written can have a dualistic meaning if you can not hear the persons voice to know what they mean. That is what it is like to try to understand the word without the voice of the Holy Spirit. The word, or our “love letter from God” can easily be misunderstood without hearing the tone of God’s voice through the Holy Spirit. In our culture if you capitalize words when typing it can mean that you are angry, or mean that you are excited, which is why it is critical to know the heart of the person so that you know which one they are so that you don’t misunderstand the intent!

Secondly, I used the Strongs concordance and to get the Greek and Hebrew meaning of words. This helps to go back to the original meanings of words and their intent. I have found that MOST believers lack this skill and it drastically impacts how they read the word and understand it. There are words in the scriptures that have one meaning in our natural language but in “Heavens language” it means something totally different, so the correct interpretation is CRITICAL. For instance the word “invisible” in scripture makes many people think of Heaven as invisible, therefore they believe God and all things Heaven is invisible. The actual meaning of “invisible” if you go to the Greek and Hebrew to translate it means, a “physical distance away”, like how antartica is a physical distance away and is out of our eyesight. This misunderstanding hinders their prayer life because they believe they are praying to an invisible God. In our subconscious we are raised as children to believe that all things invisible are imaginary.  This can result in a sensation as adults that we are praying to an imaginary God and discourages us from truly pursuing Him in all areas of our lives.  I have seen this type of thing over and over in the lives of believers.

To use a concordance….

Many people are discouraged from using a concordance because they believe it is for “those in full time ministry” or those that are in seminary school, but it is no where near the truth! They are available for all mankind.

Secondly they are discouraged from using one because they do not understand how to use one. When you find a word in scripture that you want deeper meaning too all you have to do is open to the first part of the concordance and find the word that you more meaning to. Then look for the verse that it is listed in under that word. Once you found the verse that contains the word that you are wanting meaning to, there will be a number to the right. You will go to the back of the concordance now to look for that word, using the number listed. If the verse is a old testament verse then you will go to the Hebrew section, and if it is in the new testament then you will go to the Greek section to find the number.  Once you have found the number there will be the “Greek/Hebrew” meaning of the word and its original intent. I say intent because the bible was originally written in Greek and Hebrew and we translated it into English so some words lost some of their intent when we attempted to interpret the word in a way that would make sense to use in the English language.

You can also use websites such as to translate the meanings of words to find out what they actually mean in the Hebrew and Greek. The site is pretty self explanatory but if you have questions on how to use the tools I am happy to help!

To summarize, you do not have to go to school, or be “in the ministry” to study the word and become a deep knowledgeable “scholar” of the word. God told ALL OF MANKIND to seek the Kingdom of Heaven. He told all of us that his will is for things to be on earth as they are in Heaven. How can we establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and make things in earth like they are in Heaven without understanding Heaven and how it works. The only way to understand Heaven is to seek God and allow him to REVEAL  his SECRETS and MYSTERIES to us and its by an honest heart that trusts the Holy Spirit and uses knowledge and wisdom to study his word that he sent us.

I hope this helps you to go deeper into the things of God. If you have any questions or would like anymore help on how to seek God in a deeper way please feel free to ask! I love talking about the word! It is my life’s greatest joy! Have a great day and God Bless!


A continued note on “Heaven is a physical place”

In the last post I spoke of all the physical qualities of Heaven, that it has a shape, that it has physical items such as food, furniture, and weather, but I left out more evidential proof that we are from Heaven and that we will return there and have a physical existence. This post will be short today in comparison to the last two posts as I just want this one to have a strong simple reality that we can all meditate on….


We come here at children and we must return to the Kingdom as children. God says in Matthew 18 that we must become as little children in order to into the Kingdom of Heaven. Children do not have lust for money, power, or fame. They act among themselves as equals (Matthew 12:5- 12). They fully depend on their parents for provision and to be cared for. They are worry free and enjoy life and trust that what they need will always be there as they need it. God sent his SON and told Mary and Joseph that he was sending them this child, and they were to look after Him as He aged and He would fulfill His purpose and then return home. When Jesus was an adult, God still called him his SON! A child of God who continued to love mankind unconditionally and serve them. I believe we all originally are sent here with our Heavenly innocence and if it is protected properly by our parents we will not depart from who we are, just as it says in Proverbs (raise a child in the way he shall go and he will not depart from it.)

I think there are some great deep truths for us to meditate on in relations to the Kingdom of Heaven and meditating on being children of God is a BIG truth that can dramatically transform our lives.

Be blessed today!

The Kingdom of Heaven is a physical place


Think of this as a continuation of the post “Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven is Essential.”  Today I want to continue into the development of our “thinking” in regards to Heaven. In yesterdays post, I was provoking us as believers to realize that our real “homeland” is Heaven and that we need to understand more about Heaven in order to fulfill Gods desires for things to be on earth as they are in Heaven. Hopefully today will take our mind into a deeper reality of Heaven and open our “eyes” just a little more.

Heaven is a REAL place, a tangible place, with a location and a physical and material existence. Before God made the earth, He made the Heavens. Hebrews 11 speaks of a country, as in a location separate from here from earth.


Many people do not have a picture of Heaven and do not even go as far as to imagine Heaven being a physical place, therefore it leaves a blank picture of Heavens existence in our minds. I believe one reason for this is the misunderstanding of a verse speaking of the “invisible.” The following verses use the word invisible:

Romans 1:20 “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse…”

Col 1:15 – 16 “Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:”

1 Tim 1:17 “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.”

Heb 11:27 “By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.”

In each of these verses the word invisible when translated means unseen, or something that can be seen, and means distance, as in something that is out of sight due to its distance. Just like we all believe there is an Antarctica, yet we have not seen it because it is a distance away and is out of our sight, therefore making it invisible.

In the Dakes Reference Bible it notates invisibility in relation to heaven as this:

“Invisible means not visible, in in sight, unseen, concealed. Invisibility consists of more distance than substance; cities, objects cant be seen 30 miles away. At this distance they are invisible.”

There are instances in scripture where the word invisible is referring to the spiritual things such as angels that have the ability to appear or disappear at will but for the sake of this message in regards to Heaven we are only focusing on what relates to the physical Heaven.

The physical Heaven has many, many attributes that we often overlook in scripture. Below I want to give you an idea of its physical characteristics to help Heaven become more of a reality for you…


Heaven is Round, like a planet, like the earth. Job 22:14 and Psalm 19:6 uses the word “circuit” which translates to circle or sphere.

For the sake of not creating a super long wordy post, I am going to list more of Heavens physical attributes and the references and you can enjoy reading about them yourself! 🙂


Cities – Revelations 21:2, 9 – 27
Mansions – John 14:1 -3
Temples – Ps 11:4, Rev 3:12, 7 – 15, 11:19, 14:17, 15:5, 16:1, 17, Isa 6:1
Fountains and Waters – Rev 7:17
Floors, thunders, lightning’s, lamps, rainbows – Rev 4:3, 5 – 6, 15:2
Thrones – Isa 6:1, Dan 7:9 – 10, Rev 3:21, 4:2, 4, 22:3
Books – Lk 10:20, Heb 12:23, Rev 5:1, 13:8, 20:11 – 15, 22:19
Swords, sickles – 1 Chr 21:16, 27, 30, Rev 14:14, 12, 18, 19:21
Keys, chains – Rev 9:1, 20:1
Trumpets – Rev 8:2
Bowls – Rev 15:7
Tables – Lk 22:30
Food – Rev 2:7, 17; 11:1 -3
Chariots – 2 Ki 2:11, 6:17, Ps 68:17, Ez 1:15 – 28 , Zec 1:6 – 8
Furniture – Ex 25:40, Heb 8:5, 9:23
Musical Instruments – Rev 4:8 – 11, 5:8 – 14, 7:7 – 17, 14: 1 – 5, 15:2 – 5. 19:1 – 10
Clothing – Dan 7:9, 10:5, Mt 28:3, Acts 1:10, Rev 4:4, 6:9 -11, 7: 9 – 17, 16:6, 19:8
Feasts – Lk 22:16 – 30
Drinks – Lk 22:18, Rev 7:17
Break – Ex 16, Ps 78:24 – 25, Jn 6:31
Roast Lamb – Lk 22:16
Fruits – Rev 2:7, 22:2
Hidden Manna – Rev 2:17
Animals – 2 Ki. 2:11, 6:17, Zech 1:8, 10, 6:1-5, Rev 19:11, 14, 21
Stones – Josh 10:11
Pillars – Job 26:11
Innumerable Inhabitants – Jer 33:22, Heb 12:22 – 23, Rev 12:12, 13:6
Armies – Dan 4:35
Trees – Rev 2:7, 22:1 – 3
Streets – Rev 22:1 – 3
Mountains – Zech 6:1, Heb 12:22 – 23, Rev 14:1
Materials things like we have on earth – Rom 1:20, Phil 2:10
Foundations – 2 Sam 22:8, Ps 102:25
Tabernacle – Ps 15:1, Rev 21:3
Sanctuary – Heb 8:2, 5, 9:11,23-24
Golden Alter, Censer – Rev 8:3 – 5
Fire, tongs – Isa 6:1 – 17
Ark of the testament – Rev 11:19


When I was studying this out I felt this “opening” or “expansion” of my mind and it made the reality of God and Heaven so much more real! We often think of Heaven as some surreal place that is unimaginable and I believe this is one of the things that blocks our prayer  life and ability to approach God, but meditating on the “realities” of Heaven can really change our lives.  He says to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN and to MEDITATE ON THINGS ABOVE, and I believe this is a key to many, many, many missing aspects of our spiritual walks and why we suffer lack in areas of our lives.  We struggle in this earth with what are we going to eat, what are we going to drink, what are we going to wear, but God says if we will SEEK THE KINGDOM FIRST THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED TO US! We clearly need to UNDERSTAND heaven first so that we do not worry and suffer lack in our lives. I believe we have found a KEY! Be blessed today!

Understanding the Kingdom of Heaven is Essential

Why do we need to understand the Kingdom of Heaven? Why do we need a working understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven and its systems?

Let me give you this illustration. Imagine you were from another country and your family moved here when you were an infant. As your family was leaving there was a request by the King of that country that they raise you to an adult to complete an assignment. The assignment was to come here and implement the establish the systems of the country that you were born in here in the U.S. Once the your portion of the assignment was complete you were then required to return to your country. The parents job in this particular scenario is to protect your identity and let no thief of villain steal your identity or purpose and brainwash you (like in the movies ha ha) to believe that you should live for the villain’s purposes and never leave this country.

Well in this illustration you first have to know an understand as you age that you are from this “other country.” Then you have to gain knowledge and understanding of the systems and functions of your birth country so that you can establish the systems here in the U.S. as your assignment requires.

What we must come into a sober mind about is that we are here FROM Heaven and we have a purpose while we are here and once we have completed our time here God wants us to return back to Heaven. A couple of things in scripture prove this to me.

1) Jesus said he saw Satan fall (Luke 10:18) – this means that Jesus was in Heaven before he came to earth (and then of course He returned to Heaven.) I don’t know about the rest of you but for me, this leads me to believe that we are from Heaven like Jesus (since we are made in Gods image like his Son) and eventually he wants us to return there.

2) God will never leave us nor forsake us – this scripture is true from birth. How can God NEVER leave us if he was not already with us before we were physically born here on earth. How can he NEVER leave us is he hasn’t ALWAYS been with us?

3) He knew us before we were in our mothers womb – Jeremiah 1:5 says

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I
sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations…”

So where were we if God knew us before we were in our mothers womb?

4) We are foreigners here on earth – How can we be foreigners if we are not from somewhere else! Hebrews 11:13 says that Abraham, Sarah, Noah, and the like all confessed that they were foreigners and nomads here on earth

5) He chose us before the foundation of the earth – Ephesians 1:3-4 – This makes me think of a mothers womb and how God has stored thousands of potential seeds to live in the earth in her womb. I get this image in my head of a spiritual type womb that God has for each of our spirits. He knew us and loved us before the FOUNDATION of the WORLD!

6) Lastly we were separated from God and we need the finished work of Christ to reunite us – So if we are born into sin and separated from God then that is a sheer indication that we were with God and knew God before we were physically born into the earth!

In the body of Christ this is the mindset that we need to adopt! This will totally transform how we function in the earth and will “rewire” our brains. We will think differently about Heaven and we will think differently about our Father. For me it tells me how much my Father loves me and HOW MUCH HE HAS ALWAYS LOVED ME. He has never left me and always been with me and HE WAS MY FIRST LOVE!!! My first love is who I want to return to! This kind of thinking should spark these types of new thought patterns:

1) Wanting to return home (Heaven)
2) Wanting to understand where we are from (Heaven)
3) Realizing that we are remembering Heaven, not learning about Heaven
4) Wanting things to be like Heaven here on earth because that’s where we are from, and we will be more likely to focus on how to establish the systems of our home (Heaven) here on earth
5) Realizing that the enemy from birth, just wanted to still our rights to RETURN back to where we came from. We need to claim back our citizenship so we can return HOME!
6) Once we understand the system of Heaven and its order and functions then we can more easily do his will for things to be on earth like they are in Heaven!
7) A deeper level of wholeness can occur when we realize that God, our Father, our FIRST love, has ALWAYS BEEN WITH US, and NEVER LEFT US and that all of our sins and straying away was just the enemy trying to ROB US!!! Hows that for being free of condemnation! EAT THAT SATAN! ha ha ha

WOW! What a difference it would make for believers if we taught this in the church! Could you imagine the level of love that would be reached in corporate fellowship as we TRUELY realize we are BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! Oh my gosh, this type of revelation CHANGES EVERTHING! I hope you feel challenged today! I guarantee if you meditate on this it will change things for you! Be blessed friends!

God Bless!

Time to grow up Church – A prophetic word

I just had these thoughts on my mind about the “church” meaning the people in the church, not the building. There is a season coming and a new generation of leaders that God is raising up. This next generation of leaders including myself will be extremely bold and unapologetic. This generation is going to be holding the body of Christ to some intense levels of accountability. They will challenge the body of Christ to stop depending solely upon the Pastors and Preachers of their local churches and push them into mature relationships with the Holy Spirit. It is time for the body of Christ to stop being spoon fed by Pastors and Preachers. One of the reasons Jesus left the earth was because too many believers were beginning to depend on Jesus “the human” rather than the Spirit of the Lord. The same is taking place today and people are getting dependent on flesh and blood rather than the Spirit of the Lord. We are in the Latter days and have been since Jesus left this earth, and Jesus said he was sending the one who could help us ALL. We must grow up and get dependent on the Holy Spirit and learn how to talk to him, hear from him, learn from him, and trust him. We can NOT reject the Holy Spirit any longer as the body of Christ. It is a big danger to reject the Holy Spirit. In fact it is do dangerous that in Mark Chapter 3 Verse 29 it says:

“But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.” KJV

The Holy Spirit is the very Essence of God and we have to do a better job at helping the body of Christ overcome the stronghold of fear in relation to the Holy Spirit and improve our education on who the Holy Spirit is so we do not risk loosing sheep! The Holy Spirit is the key to all kinds of maturity and growth for our lives and is the one who will give “a voice” to the word of God to help us more accurately understand it and interpret it. Its time to grow up church. We can not live on milk any longer!

Jumping into the deep

Its hard to know where to begin so I just decided I am going to jump into the deep…
There is a curiosity out there for some people as to what God will heal and what God will not heal, so for today I am going to keep it relatively simple and just post a list of diseases and infirmities that I have found in scripture that God has healed (as recorded in scripture) and then dive into healing in greater depths in a later post….

1) Barrenness – Gen 16:1, 10 1-7
2) Blindness – Gen 27:1-2, 48:10, Lev 21″18, Dt 28:28
3) Boils – – Ex 9:10, Dt 28:27
4) Leprosy – Lev 14 – 15, Mt 8:1 – 4
5) Lameness (crippling of legs) – Lev 21:18
6) Blemishes – Lev 21:18
7) Flat nose – Lev 21:18
8) Broken Bones – Lev 21:19
9) Crooked Back – Lev 21:19
10) Dwarfed – Lev 21:20
11) Eczema – Lev 21:20, Dt 28:27
12) Broken Stones (damaged testicles) – Lev 21:20
13) Scurvy – Lev 21:21, Dt 28:27
14) Consumption – Lev 26:16, Dt 28:22 – 35
15) Fever – Dt 28:22 – 27, Mt 8:14
16) Inflammation Dt 28:22
17) Burning ague (shivering) – Lev 26:16, Dt 28:22
18) Itch – Dt 28:27
19) Madness – Dt 28:28, 1 Sam 21:15
20) Emerods (hemorrhoids) – Dt 28:27, 1 Sam 5:6
21) Botch – Dt 28:27, 35
22) Sunstroke – 2 Ki 4:19 – 20
23) Dysentery – 2 Chr 21:12 -19
24) Atrophy (wasting away of the body) – Job 33:19:25, Ps 102:5, Zech 14:12
25) Sores and bruises – Ps 38:5, Isa 1:6
26) Venereal disease (STD’s) – (Psalm 38
27) Palsy – Mt 4:24, 8:6, 9:1-6
28) Epilepsy – Mt 4:24, 10:1 – 8
29) Demon Possession – Mt 4:24, 10:1 – 8
30) Running issue (bleeding) – Mt 9:20
31) Dumbness – Mt 9:32
32) Deafness – Mt 11:5
33) Dropsy (swollen body) – Lk 14:2
34) Impediment of speech – Mk 7:32
35) Ulcers – Lk 16:20
36) Infirmity – Jn 5:5
37) Worms – Acts 12:23

This is just a few of the things God has healed and will heal. Provision has been made by Christ to heal all physical ailments… More to come on this topic soon!

First Teaching Blog

I can hardly believe it! It is my first “teaching blog?!” At least that is what I have decided to call it. I love to study and teach the word. Anywho, it is a bit overwhelming but exciting at the same time. I have been delaying this for a while and telling myself its because it “wasn’t the right time” but really that was an excuse to cover up fear and lack of confidence. So lets just tackle fear and move forward! I have been racking my brain over where to begin and still do not really have an idea, so I just decided to go ahead and start writing and just let my heart and mind lead the way.

I think what I am going to do is just a broad overview of what I have studied over the years. I became a believer in 1999, and since then I have had a small addiction to the word of God. I love to study it. I love to research. I love to translate things into the Hebrew and Greek for deeper meanings and truths. I love to research what other prophets and evangelists and teachers and preachers are learning. I love to look at the body of Christ as a whole and target issues that are not being addressed by the church and then see what God has to say about it.

If you go to my other pages, such as the “about me page” and the “blogging page” you can learn a great deal more about me and my ministry and my passion for studying the word, so for now I am just going to go ahead and list a “FEW” (ha ha) things I have studied over the years (and that I continue to study). Also if you have questions or situations in your life that you can’t seem to find an answer for feel free to use my contact page and I will do my best to see what I can find in the word of God relating to your life issue.

So without further delay here are a “few” topics that I have studied and that I plan to write on:

1) How God speaks to us in Dreams
2) Where Heaven is (location wise)
3) Angels / Demons / Spirits
4) Animals of Heaven
5) Who the Spirit of Wisdom is
6) Who the Spirit of Knowledge is
7) Who the Spirit of Understanding is
8) The Spirit of Wisdom and her role in Long Life and Prosperity
9) How the church (body of Christ) should overcome lack (poverty) overnight
10) The wealth of the Righteous is stored up for the wicked (give them a reason to give it to you)
11) Who we REALLY are as Spirits
12) What we don’t know as Christians that other religions do know about us
13) Abuse and the Spirits connected to abuse
14) Fathers/Husbands do not get the privilege of Fear
15) Families on Mission
16) Food and its spiritual role in our bodies
17) We come from Heaven, and the goal is for us to return to Heaven
18) Why we have a first name, middle name, and last name (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
19) Weddings in the bible vs. our traditional weddings
20) Women pursuing a husband
21) Leaving and Cleaving
22) Who is your Mother and Father
23) The worlds medical system vs. the bibles medical system
24) Raising children in their purpose
25) A list of spirits (demonic of course) and their functions
26) A list of gods and their functions
27) God opening and closing the womb
28) Twins in the Bible
29) Breech Births in the Bible
30) Natural Childbirth in the Bible
31) Doulas/Midwifes in the Bible
32) Meeting angels
33) Christians are literally dying from a lack of knowledge
34) Body weight issues and spiritual/mental/emotional reasons that are keeping us fat
35) Visiting Heaven right now is possible
36) Why God put a stop to the tower of Babel and how we are repeating their mistake
37) Bigger reasons for Jesus death that the church overlooks
38) Why it is a mistake to only teach salvation without the baptism of the Holy Spirit
39) Why its dangerous to reject the Holy Spirit and who he is
40) Why you cant love God and love Jesus and reject the Holy Spirit

…and well there are a lot more but I just wanted to share a “few” topics I have studied… You will get to experience more and I begin this journey! Thanks for reading!